Why Asia’s young cruisers are a business opportunity


By Jiali Wong, Regional Manager for Asia, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

Asian cruisers are younger and come from a wider group of demographics – debunking the stereotypes of cruising being for the older generation. This is good news to travel agents as it opens up a larger group of customer segments for cruise holidays.

According to CLIA’s 2018 cruise source market report, the average age for Asian cruises is 45.4 years old. Baby boomers and Generation X make up 30% each, while millennials are fast catching up at 25%. At 14%, there is also a decent proportion of passengers from Generation Z. As we can see, the types of cruise passengers now are very different and varied from the days of the past.

Cruise lines are responding to the changing demographics by adding on more features and amenities on-board to appeal to the younger generations of cruisers. New ships are equipped with exciting, first-to-market products while existing cruises are also undergoing refurbishment every few years to refresh their offerings.

Cruise ships are also heading to more destinations. Ships in Asia will call at 18 more destinations this year, providing the range of choice for passengers cruising here.

With so much new cruise products to offer the Asian consumers, travel agents need to keep yourself informed to recommend the right cruise holiday to the different generations of clients.

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