Big boost for Indonesian cruise from Genting Cruise Lines


Genting Cruise Lines has officially signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with Indonesia’s state-owned terminal operator, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (PERSERO).

New initiatives include plans to develop facilities at Celukan Bawang, allowing ships of up to 350m to berth there. Possibilities for increasing the number of cruise ports operated by PERSERO will also be explored, extending Indonesia’s cruising potential beyond North Bali.

“We are excited about the rapid growth of cruise tourism in Indonesia and proud of the development in Celukan Bawang,” said PERSERO’s President Director Doso Agung. “The ability to prepare the port in double time to receive Dream Cruises’ Genting Dream reiterates our joint commitment to the cruise industry here.”

President of Genting Cruise Lines Mr Kent Zhu also affirmed the importance of developing Indonesia as a key cruise hub. “We will continue to work closely with our Indonesian counterparts in creating new opportunities for the local cruise tourism to flourish, as evidenced by the successful deployments of our ships to Jakarta, Medan, North Bali and Bintan Island recently,” he said.

Aside from developments in Indonesia, Genting Cruise Lines continues to spearhead cruise growth across various ports like Guangzhou (Nansha), Shimizu and Manila. The highly anticipated Explorer Dream will make her debut next year as well, followed by new Global class ships in quarter one of 2021.

Dream Cruises also welcomed its one millionth passenger, Hong Kong resident Mimo Lo, on 19 October 2018. She was received at the cruise terminal with a small celebration and ceremony, after a 6D5N World Dream voyage around Okinawa.

In attendance were Mr Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises, Jeff Bent, Managing Director of Worldwide Cruise Terminals, Captain Robert Bodin of World Dream, Ms Christine Li, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing & Communications, Genting Cruise Lines and Ms Ann Zhang, Hotel Director of World Dream.

“I am extremely proud of how quickly Dream Cruises has grown since its launch just under two years ago,” added Mr Brown. “It is a testament to our remarkable crew and reflects the support we have received from government bodies, our business partners, the media and the public that we have reached our one millionth passenger in such a short period.”