Big travel agencies returns to NATAS Travel Fair


NATAS is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and next month, close to 20 travel agencies in Singapore will be attending its Travel Fair next month.

Major agencies like Dynasty Travel, CTC and Hong Hai Travel will be making an appearance, despite other travel giants breaking off in 2014 to create their own group.

Steven Ler, the deputy president of NATAS told TTG Asia that holiday-makers will be able to get some of the best deals for their next trip away. And travel agencies will be able to showcase their best offers.

“NATAS offers participating exhibitors the most favourable terms and value proposition to make participation a commercially viable business decision.”

Players like Chan Brothers, SA Tours and Apple Holidays cited a lack of transparency, booth rentals and entrance fees as reasons for leaving the association and forming the Singapore Outbound Travel Agents Association (SOTAA).

But Dynasty Travel’s Alicia Seah said that since the company believes these problems have been ironed out, the agency will return to the NATAS Fair.

Jane Chang, the head of marketing communications at Chan Brothers Travel told TTG Asia that the agency has decided to stay with SOTAA, who organise Travel Revolution, because of the track record in managing the travel fairs. But the new fair is expecting fewer participants with 11 exhibitors – half of the turnout of 2016.

President Kay Swee Pin who is also the managing director of SA Tours said the organisation is still confident in Travel Revolution’s success.

“We are still very confident of our fairs because we still have very strong players with us who are a good representation,” he said.

Both associations had discussed combining the two travel fairs but did not come to fruition due to differing expectations concerning the venue and credit card sponsor.