Dream Cruises partners with 6 of Asia’s top chefs


Luxury Asian cruise line Dream Cruises is partnering with six of the region’s top chefs for a special collaboration called ‘Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea’.

Each celebrity chef will bring their own unique ideas to create a menu which is inspired by the ocean – everything from molecular gastronomy to fusion cuisine.

The partnership is available to guests onboard the World Dream from June to November who are staying The Palace suites. But other options include ordering from an a la carte menu from one of the specialty restaurants or booking a table at the Vintage Room.

The six chefs joining the lineup are Alvin Leung (Jun 8 – 10), Chan Kwok Keung (June 22 – 24), Wan Tat Kong (September 14 – 16 and 28 – 30), Vicky Cheng (Oct 5 – 7 and 19 – 21), Christian Yang (November 9 – 11) and Martin Yan (November 23 – 25).

Chef Leung

Also known as the demon chef and the brains behind the three Michelin starred restaurant Bo Innovations, Chef Leung is famous for his ‘X-treme Chinese’ cuisine. He takes traditional Chinese recipes and modernises them.

Chef Chan

Hailing from China, Chef Chan specialises in Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine and has 28 years of experience across Beijing and Huaiyang. He was also named as the champion of Hong Kong’s Masterchef.

Chef Wan

This innovative chef marries Cantonese cuisine with the artful and labour-intensive Kaiseki experience from Japan. He also has the title of culinary guru for Cantonese cuisine by the World Master Chefs Association for Cantonese Cuisine.

Chef Cheng

Head of the Michelin-starred restaurant VEA Restaurant & Lounge, Chef Cheng is known for his Chinese cuisine, combing French faire. The restaurant has also been featured in SCMP’s 100 Top Tables 2018 in the Western category.

Chef Yang

Chinese born Christian Yang is known as the globe-trotting food lover and is also known as a culinary magician. He has explored the culinary delights of big destinations in Asia, bring with him a throng of film crews and food critics. He’s had restaurants in Hong Kong and China.

Chef Yan

The star of Yan Can Cook, this chef needs no introduction. He has shaped the way Western audiences look at Chinese cuisine and has made cooking Asian dishes, much more accessible for everyone.