Dream Cruises to take Asians to Australian destinations with Explorer Dream


For the first time in brand history, Explorer Dream will be sailing outside of Asian waters, cementing Dream Cruises’ status as ‘Asia’s Global Cruise Line’. Speaking at ‘The Future is Global’ press conference at ITB Asia, Dream Cruises President Mr Michael Goh shared how ships like Explorer Dream will target both Australians and Asians.

And as Mr Goh noted, Explorer Dream will cater to both Australians and Asians when she arrives Down Under.  “When we put Explorer Dream in Australia, we’re hoping to bring Asian fly-cruisers to the country as well,” he said.

Explorer Dream also features an exotic mix of east and west – blending Italian design themed spaces with award-winning Asian cuisine.

Mr Goh also brought up the subject of product standards, emphasising how all of Dream Cruises’ vessels are made in Germany, thus featuring the highest safety standards, build quality, speed, power and luxury finishes.

“Genting Cruise Lines owns MV Werften shipyard, so we understand both the international and Asian cruising mentality and what they want in a product,” he explained. “We also have the youngest fleet in Asia, having only started 3 years ago.”

As for Global Dream which launches in 2021, the vessel will house some of the largest cabins at sea which can comfortably hold 4 people. The smart design allows for efficient use of the bathrooms as well, allowing two people to use them at the same time with maximum privacy.

When asked where Global Dream would be positioned after her launch, Mr Goh responded that likely locations would be either the Baltic or Alaska. However, the brand will still be targeting Asian cruisers in addition to its Western clientele.

“Though we are sailing in these faraway destinations, we aim to target Asians and share Asian food, heritage and culture with Americans and Europeans,” he noted.

Besides families, Dream Cruises hopes to reach out to the younger generation. “The average age of cruisers is only 37 in India and 39 in Indonesia,” observed Mr Goh. “As such, it’s important to cater to millennials.”

Nevertheless, Mr Goh stressed that although Global Dream’s products are catered to younger cruisers, grandparents and the elderly will enjoy themselves too. “We will be having various programmes that appeal to the older generation, such as operas, celebrity concerts, wellness events, exercises like Tai Chi and investment talks,” he said.

Finally, Mr Goh delved into the 9 districts the ship will be divided into and some of its revolutionary features, which include:

Dream Park at the Pier: The first theme park at sea will be geared towards both kids and adults. The water park also features 6 water slides and a whirlpool.

8 sets of escalators: Global Dream will be the first cruise ship in the world to have escalators on board. This allows for convenient transport as guests don’t have to wait for lifts.  “Escalators are not usually found in ship blueprints, but we’ve managed to include them as Dream Cruises owns the shipyard,” said Mr Goh.

The Lido dining: Dining options will include a large variety of Asian and international cuisine. “Asians do not only want to consume Asian food, but desire an international environment which the Lido provides,” said Mr Goh. “We also cater to special food requests for vegetarian and halal consumers. Our halal food is prepared with the strictest standards and we undergo a full process of certification.”

Lido on the park: An Alfresco dining option, with the newest technology to ensure a comfortable temperature for guests out in the open.

Cha Chaan Teng: A Hong Kong- style eatery with 15 different choices of noodle dishes and Hong Kong milk tea.

Zodiac theatre and Picturehouse: The Zodiac theatre will house 1,200 people, and the Picturehouse will be the largest cinema at sea (with 8 separate theatres convertible for meetings and events).

Horizon Lounge: Featuring 270 degree views overlooking the ocean, with window panels that can be converted to screen audio visual entertainment.

Dream Avenue: A multi-purpose outdoor avenue that will contain a zipline in the centre of the ship.

Zouk Beach Club: Singapore’s homegrown and internationally renowned nightlife brand Zouk, the 3rd best club in the world, will also have a presence on Global Dream.