French line announces luxury adventure Asian cruise dates


French luxury and expedition cruise line PONANT has released a 64 page brochure featuring a range of itineraries exploring the Asia Pacific region during 2016 – 2017.

There are 23 cruises to 7 countries in Asia, plus numerous South Pacific nations and island chain archipelagos are included, with no less than 15 ports-of-call listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Guests will discover a multitude of fascinating destinations from onboard two modern and luxurious small ships: L’Austral and sister-ship Le Soléal.

Some voyages are designated Expeditions, taking advantage of the ships’ compact size and manoeuvrability to probe hidden waterways, before launching Zodiac expedition craft for adventurous close-up opportunities.

Throughout the cruises, specialist lecturers will enhance the experience, while voyages designated Expeditions will also have a specialist expedition team headed by Australian award-winning wildlife photographer and adventurer Mick Fogg on hand to guide and inform.

Once-in-a-lifetime itinerary options range from exploring the remote islands of the Sub Antarctic to viewing the archaeological enigma of Easter Island’s giant stone Moais and the thousand year old petroglyphs of Fatu Hiva.

In Vanuatu and Solomon Islands meet members of the John Frum Cargo Cult, climb an active volcano and snorkel in waters renowned for Second World War wrecks; while Borneo provides the opportunity to see the ‘man of the forest’, our cousin the orang-utan, in his natural habitat.

Be one of few to visit the remote Asmat region of Papua, snorkel in the pristine bio-diverse marine area of Raja Ampat, photograph giant dragons in Komodo, or sail in the wake of famed mariner Captain Bligh when you visit Pitcairn Island and the islands of Tahiti.

Japanese itineraries provide ample opportunity to experience the culture and customs, serenity and classic beauty that pervades this land of geishas and kimonos, vermillion Tori gates, ancient castles, exquisite manicured gardens and revered Mt Fuji.

Enjoy French luxury and ambiance on the world’s youngest fleet afloat and experience the difference small ship cruising offers. Intimate cruises venturing where large ships simply cannot, with voyages across Asia and the South Pacific regions.

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