Growing fly-cruise holidays in Asia


Over the past few years, fly-cruise offerings in Asia have expanded.

The cruise industry including cruise lines, airports and cruise terminals are working closely to ensure a seamless fly-cruise connectivity. Singapore, one of the largest air hubs globally, is an example of a destination providing excellent connectivity options for their travellers. This year, the Singapore Changi Airport launched a multi-model transport lounge at Jewel, offering services such as the issuance of boarding passes and baggage transfer services for fly-cruise passengers.

For travel agents, selling the fly-cruise experience is fast becoming a business strategy that leads to success with many happy customers. A cruise holiday covers multiple destinations, and a fly-cruise allows passengers to extend their stay at the homeport country at the start or end of the cruise. Travel agents also get more yield from not only the cruise commissions but also the airlines and pre-/post- tours when selling fly-cruise packages.

Asian travellers are responding to this growth. They increasingly recognise that cruising is an effortless, relaxing and excellent value for money holiday and tend to venture to close-to-home cruise options in Asia.

The Indian source market, for example, saw an overwhelming 28.1% year-on-year increase, with about 220,900 Indians taking a cruise in 2018. As one of the most populated countries in the world and with a low cruise penetration rate, the opportunities for travel agents to leverage in this region are tremendous.

Eighty per cent of Indians cruise in Asia, with a considerable number opting for fly-cruise holidays out of Singapore due to its proximity.

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