MedCruise targets the Asian cruise market


Members of the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports are targeting the Asian market after the release of an Organisation of Economic Corporation and Development, which suggests a surge in the number of Asian cruisers.

The report suggests that the number of Asian passengers could grow from 1.3 million in 2012 to almost four million in 2020.

MedCruise members met last month and decided it is time for the area to explore the advantages of Asia as a source market in the medium and long term future.

CLIA member cruise clines are scheduled to debut 22 new cruise ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

The MedCruise’s 73 port members decided to turn the ‘reaching of Asia’ into a key target by speaking with travel agents.

The group have had missions to grow awareness of the Mediterranean as a destination by participating in educational programs for agents which started in Asia in 2013. MedCruise will be continuing with its participation this year.

Recently, the group started a major project to establish known and preferred cruise destinations for cruise tourists and visitors from China.

MedCruise will be promoting the region’s history, nature, culture and food, which is a big draw card for the Chinese.