CLIA agent training gets new platforms and extra courses


Travel agents are going to have a big year of education opportunities in 2019, with lots in store for CLIA members.

The CLIA Learning Academy is already rich with essential information and detailed courses that help travel agents develop their skills, but over coming months there’ll be a string of new initiatives designed to help agents get even more out of cruising.

New content and features are being developed to provide an even better learning experience, with the aim of making CLIA’s training programs more useful, more relevant and more interactive for users. New platforms are in the pipeline to help create a more seamless and intuitive experience, while extra courses are under development to provide insight into new areas.

Among the first additions to the Learning Academy this year is a new re-certification elective called Cruise Dynamics 2019, which is now available online and reveals a new design that will provide the benchmark for all future courses. The first thing agents will notice is a much more impressive look and feel, with lot of spectacular imagery. It also features additional interactive elements aimed at making the process more engaging.

Agents who hold a CLIA certificate which expired on 31 January 2019 need to complete this elective to renew their certificate through to 31 January 2020, and 20 CLIA Accreditation Points will be provided for completing the elective.

Another education initiative that provides Accreditation Points is CLIA’s program of cruise ship inspections, and this year opportunities will be offered in Asia for the first time. CLIA is working with operators including Holland America Line and Dream Cruises to make their ships available for viewing in ports like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Also on offer this year is an expanded program of educational webinars for travel agent members, which for the first time will provide CLIA Accreditation Points as a reward for those who participate.

More than 30 different webinar topics will be covered throughout 2019, presented by individual CLIA Cruise Lines and CLIA Executive Partners under the banner “Tune In. Learn. Be Rewarded”.

This year’s new-look webinar series is already underway and will run throughout 2019. Three CLIA Accreditation Points will be provided after completion of a short post-webinar quiz, allowing agents to accelerate their path to industry recognition and be rewarded for their engagement.

CLIA members can keep an eye on the website for new Learning Academy content throughout the year, and to view the webinar schedule – see