Pandaw extends Myanmar Mergui Archipelago itinerary


Pandaw River Expeditions, known for its intrepid Asian cruises, has extended one of its Myanmar Mergui Archipelago itinerary which was just launched in November 2017.

The itinerary was the first ocean cruise for the line which is aboard the Andaman Explorer, a classic 60s motor yacht which was acquired by the company in 2016 and refurbished into a small ship vessel for the intrepid cruiser.

Because of the popularity and success of the new ocean cruise voyage, Pandaw has extended the route to cover the entire distance between Rangoon and Kawthuang. The voyage now includes port calls to the old coastal towns of Moulmein, Mergui and Tavoy which has stunning pagodas, secluded islands as well as lush mountains.

Part of the shore excursions Pandaw will offer are to small remote islands where cruisers can snorkel or kayak up the rivers into the mangrove forests.

Pandaw founder and CEO, Paul Strachan said, “Our first foray into cruising in the Mergui Archipelago has been a terrific success, with many a first and some quite extraordinary discoveries in this rarely visited coast, with its thousand islands and diverse marine life. In view of this success, we have decided to introduce a new, extended itinerary with four confirmed departures, that will cover the entire distance between Rangoon and Kawthaung. These voyages will include exciting stops at the old coastal ports of Mawlamyine, Myeik and Dawei.” 

“In addition, we will explore several little-known islands with opportunities to snorkel or kayak up rivers into the mangrove forests. So evocative of Kipling, Maugham and Collis, we find these lively coastal ports full of architectural interest, whether colonial or Buddhist. Likewise, we have identified key islands, some with communities of Baptist Karens loyal to the KNU, others with the Mokkein sea gypsies who speak an unusual sort of Malay. But the majority are totally deserted with pristine white beaches, coral and diverse bird and sea life, not to mention the odd reptile like giant monitor lizards.”

Pandaw offer a number of itineraries ranging between seven to 10 days aboard the Andaman Explorer and prices started from US$3,510 per person, twin share and includes excursions, most drinks as well as private dining and expert guides.

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