The Philippines signals Sicogon Island as next cruise ship hot spot


The Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) is hoping to revive Sicogon Island as a tourist hot spot, by bringing cruise ships to the destination.

Located in northern Iloilo, the island was popular amongst tourists in the 1970s because of its long white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees.

However, the island lost most of its popularity after martial law was introduced between 1972 and 1981 and tourists redirected their holidays to Boracay Island.

DOT’s regional director Helen Catalbas said she is hoping redevelopment of the destination will be completed soon and expects the destination will make an ideal spot for cruise ships.

She said it could be as popular as Boracay and Gigantes, local online news site, The Daily Guardian reported.

“It will also benefit the nearby towns of Northern Ilioli and the region,” she said.

Ms Catalbas warned that any tourism planning should be completed with social awareness and caution for the environment and its residents.

“With the influx of new developments in Northern Iloilo, everyone should be reminded to take care of the environment, first and foremost. Regulation should be in place,” she said.

Meanwhile, Oceania Cruises announced this week it would make its inaugural call to Boracay Island in 2016.

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