Royal Caribbean launches excursion booking site for agents


Royal Caribbean has expanded its shore excursion program by creating a website for travel agents to help them plan clients’ vacations.

The line has provided resources such as tour clips and photographs which agents can use as tools when selling the cruises.

While commission isn’t offered for individual tour sales, information is outlined on pay for group bookings and a referral fee when group clients pre-book individual excursions.

On the website, it lists the various destinations agents can book tours in as well as the different categories like culinary, active adventure, family as well as cultural and sights.

The cruise line also gives agents reasons which they use to sell the excursion to their clients – they will get priority getting off the ship in port, a ‘hassle-free’ 24-hour cancellation policy, a guarantee the ship will wait for the tour’s return and destination expertise.

Royal Caribbean pays commissions on tours sold with group booking. For standard and custom excursions, the rate is 10 per cent. There is also a five per cent referral fee when the agent’s group clients pre-book their individual excursions.

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