Sabah still safe for tourists


On the back of the devastating earthquake that hit Ranau last month, social forums have seen a rise in the number of people spreading the rumour that the Malaysian state of Sabah is unsafe for travellers.

Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment for Sabah, is adamant that this hearsay is unfounded and should be ignored.

“We should negate the negative perception that the whole of Sabah is affected by the earthquake,” he said during the launch of the Malaysian Association of Tours & Travel Agents Fair Sabah 2015. “I say we are very safe, except at the top of Mount Kinabalu.”

He went on to assure attendees that the aftershocks, though to be expected, would never be stronger than the first one, and urged Sabahans to do the right thing for their home.

“If we spread sensational news in order to get many ‘like’ in Facebook, in turn it will cause many people to dislike coming to Sabah. So if you love the state, don’t create the rumour mongering and post anything that is just rubbish.”