More ships equals more cruise business in Asia


Cruising in Asia continues to boom as more ships visit the region, according to new figures.

The annual Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) report found cruising across the globe increased 77 percent over the past decade from 12 million to 21.3 million.

The majority of passengers came from North America, which holds 55 percent of the market.

The second largest was Europe with 30 percent, while the rest of the world made up 15 percent of cruisers.

The report didn’t highlight Asia Pacific’s contribution to passenger numbers, but it did reveal 833,000 cruisers were from Australia last year, 727,000 from China and 108,000 from Singapore.

It also showed that Asia Pacific was the source of 10 percent of the cruise industry’s global capacity, with 13.5 million beds sailing the region daily.

2.5 million of those bed days were in Southeast Asia. This was slightly less than Far East Asia, which had 4.4 million.

The report was commissioned by CLIA and is the first to assess the global impact of cruising.

According to the report, the entire global cruise industry contributed over $117 billion to the global economy.