Vietnam vs China – who will win?


The ownership of the South China Sea has long been debated. Now, in a move that is likely to frustrate Chinese officials, hundreds of lucky Vietnamese citizens will be given a grand travel opportunity.

For the sum of $US800 each, 180 Vietnam locals will cruise to the Spratly archipelago later this month to participate in night fishing, eat local seafood and visit a lighthouse.

The six-day adventure includes a visit to two reefs and two islands, and is said to be a trial run of Vietnam’s plans to add Spratlys to its tourism map, with the aim of scheduling passenger flights to the area later this year.

Despite China claiming nine-tenths ownership of the South China Sea, ASEAN regions Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia are standing strong in the fight for jurisdiction.

“Travelling to Truong Sa … means the big trip of your life, reviving national pride and citizens’ awareness of the sacred maritime sovereignty of the country,” the promotion said – clearly a jab at its communist opposition.